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What do our customers say about us?


FAIRMUS We started using KOOS to create an easy way for artists to invest in their future and to thank listeners who help make Fairmus better. FORUS Taxi “The US Token programme has been created in cooperation with KOOS, through which we have the opportunity to give every user of ...

Authority Magazine interview series with business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry


Thank you Authority Magazine and Fotis G. for taking our CEO and Co-Founder Taavi Kotka to your series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry! Full interview on the link below "We think that communities are not properly used in modern capitalism. Every company has a ...

TechRound chat with KOOS CEO and Co-Founder Taavi Kotka


Our CEO and Co-Founder Taavi Kotka featured in ​TechRound discussing how KOOS differs from the traditional equity model. In long-term we would like to see a time when all communities own a part of every new business and a share of the returns. Interested in reading about Taavi’s vision for the future of equity models? Read the full interview from TechRound.

Taavi Kotka's exclusive interview with Business Leader "Giving back to the community that helped build your company will evolve into a brand-new model of ownership"


KOOS.io 's founder Taavi Kotka told Business Leader in their exclusive interview Giving back to the community that helped build your company will evolve into a brand-new model of ownership about his experience as the first CIO for the Government of Estonia, the biggest challenges he’s faced in his career, ...

Community-led organizations: building connections


What’s a community-led organization? How does becoming community-led step outside of market norms? Why do it at all? Connections are the key to a healthy #community — and shift the way people interact with an organization.

Taavi Kotka idufirma palkab töötajaid: “Kui sul on soov lüüa kaasa päris uue maailma loomisel, siis täna on see võimalus”


Äsja raha kaasanud idufirma Koos võimaldab ettevõtetel pakkuda oma kogukonnale tulevikuväärtust. Nüüd avaldab kaasasutaja Taavi Kotka, kellega koos ta kõike seda ehitab ning millal minnakse järgmist ringi püüdma.

Taavi Kotka’s new start-up raises 4 million euros and is moving to a new league: “Startup by the book!”


KOOS, new startup founded by Taavi Kotka, has raised 4 million euros in a seed round and is actively onboarding new customers to KOOS.io platform. Kotka says that the investment allows them to move into a new league and they have set their sights on UK.

Sõõrumaa pledges third of his new ride sharing business to drivers and riders


Urmas Sõõrumaa uus taksofirma Forus Takso tõuseb juhtide arvult taksoturul tõenäoliselt teisele kohale. Juhte ja kliente meelitatakse uudse ärimudeliga.

A glimpse into the world of NFTs


In today’s digital world it is hard to go a single day without hearing about the latest technologies; it used to be the Internet, then Skype, the iPhone, Blockchain – and now it’s NFTs. This begs the question: What are they?